Pulpmold products?
  Damping materials for
   electronic products
  Food life vessels
  Industrial buffer
  Agricultural products
  Architectural products

This means a molding products used as various disposable life supplies and buffers through mixing pulp with water by fabricating molds according to the shape of products.

It is possible to adjust strength using additives for increasing paper power with waste newspaper, waste corrugated cardboard, magazines or discarded documents as main raw materials according to the use of products, and to produce products of diverse colors and types by adding natural pigments, etc.

Environmental protection Packing materials Economical factors
- Recycling materials usable
- Recyclable
- No problems when main raw materials are incinerated/ reclaimed as natural resources

- Excellent strength compared with thickness
- Prominent damping force suitable for high class product packing
- Molding of diverse types possible
- Soft surfaces and good beauty
- Economical due to the possibility of mass production
- Economical efficiency due to simplification of packing and loading.

Division Pulp mold Cardboard Styrofoam Plastic
Productivity High Low Medium High
Damping efficiency High Medium High Medium
Economical efficiency Medium Low Medium High
Recycling efficiency Possible Possible Impossible Impossible

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