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IPSUNG is supplying equipment and products to domestic and overseas enterprises by completing the development of equipment to produce somatically harm-free, eco-friendly food and industrial product vessels using recycling pulp in the pulp mold system.

Besides, IPSUNG is a unique domestic venture enterprise in the industry of fabricating and selling equipment plants. Existing disposable vessels and industrial product vessels(cell phones, cosmetics, liquor, pharmaceutical, etc.) having used PP, PE, PVC, EPS, etc. generate somatically harmful environmental hormone and cause environmental problems by bringing about secondary pollution through creation of dioxin during disposal, so our company is producing and supplying products using recycling newspaper and computer paper in order to improve such problems.

We are going to provide the best satisfaction to our customers on the basis of the many year’s accumulated experience and the best technical power of IPSUNG, a venture business to consider nature and environments. If you meet IPSUNG right now, you will feel the reason why you should choose IPSUNG.

IPSUNG will be doing its best for technical development by regarding customer satisfaction as the first priority on the basis of its solid technical power and secure quality control.

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